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Pre-St. Patrick's Day March 6, 2009

Getting ready for St. Patrick's Day at O'Callaghan's Irish Pub. Photo Credit: Gretchen Lee Carletta

Best friends

Friends in blue

No, it’s you

Your shot

Model Search November 7, 2009

WZNE-FM (94.1) and O'Callaghan's held the finals of the Miller Lite Model Search. Photo Credit: Rigoberto Perdomo

Miller Lite Model Search

Amber, Danielle, Shannon, & Lindey

Tracy and Amanda

Joe and Colin

Thanksgiving Eve at O'Callaghan's

Thanksgiving Eve at O'Callaghan's Irish Pub on Monroe. Photo Credit: Kyle R. Schwab

Blakely, Doug, Kate, and Nicolette

Anna, Dave, and Kristine

Tara and Stephanie

Becca and Mark